No on Prop 5 – Stop $1 Billion in Cuts to Schools and Services (2018)
Yes on Prop 64 – Adult Use of Marijuana Act (2016)
Yes on Prop 55 – Californians for Budget Stability (2016)
No on Prop 46 – MICRA (2014)
No on Prop 32 – Stop the Corporate Special Exemptions Act (2012)
Yes on Prop 25 – On-time Budget Act (2010)
No on Prop 16 – Stop the PG&E Power Grab (2010)
No on Prop 6 – Communities for Safe Neighborhoods and Fiscal Responsibility (2008)
No on Prop 89 – Californians to Stop 89 (2006)
Yes on Prop 1D – Statewide School Bond (2006)
No on Prop 76 – Cuts School Funding Act (2005)
No on Prop 74 – Punish New Teachers Act (2005)
No on Prop 38 – No on Vouchers (2000)
Yes on Prop 26 – Yes on Simple Majority (2000)
No on Prop 226 – No on Paycheck Protection (1998)
Yes on Prop 1A – Yes on School Bonds (1998)
No on Prop 174 – No on Vouchers (1993)
Yes on Prop 170 – Yes on Simple Majority (1993)

Past and Present Client List


Alliance for a Better California

Assembly Democratic Caucus

California 2000 Project

California Association of Realtors

California Latino Alliance

California Teachers Association

Committee of Working Californians for an Effective Legislature

Education Coalition

Educators Supporting Tony Thurmond for Superintendent of Public Instruction (Independent Expenditure)

Environmental Defense Fund- California

JobsPAC (A Bi-Partisan Coalition of California Employers)


Opportunity PAC 1998, 2000, 2002

The Education Coalition

San Francisco Labor Council, AFL-CIO

San Francisco Police Officers Association

Service Employees International Union

Southern California Edison

Bill Bradley for President

Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Congressman Ted Lieu

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell

Assembly Speaker & Mayor of San Francisco Willie L. Brown, Jr.

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez

State Senator Patricia Wiggins

State Senator Tom Torlakson

Assemblymember Juan Arambula

Assemblymember Joan Buchanan

Assemblymember Steve Clute

Assemblymember Lou Correa

Assemblymember Manny Diaz

Assemblymember Marco Firebaugh

Assemblymember Dario Frommer

Assemblymember Lloyd Levine

Assemblymember George Nakano

Assemblymember Nicole Parra

Assemblymember Howard Wayne

Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson

Contra Costa County Supervisor Mark DeSaulnier

Orange County Supervisor Lou Correa

San Francisco Supervisor Willie B. Kennedy

Beverly Hills Mayor Vicki Reynolds

Sacramento City Councilmember Steve Cohn

Sacramento City Councilmember Sam Pannell

Candidate for State Assembly Dave Pruitt

Candidate for State Assembly Tim Sbranti

Candidate for Sacramento Mayor Rob Kerth

Candidate for Sacramento City Council John Boyd